Events Tournaments


  • Full Payment of the Team Fee must be made before October 16th 2022 to secure a position for the season. If Team Fee is not paid fully, the registration will not be considered valid.
  • Payment methods accepted are: Credit card, Debit card, PayPal.
  • Payment shall be made on the website https://www.sksportsholding.com/events-canada/team-registration/


  • Only Players, Managers and Coaches are considered part of the Team.
  • All Team members must ensure to leave the playing venue clean when the match is over (no plastic bottles or any other type of garbage can be left at the venue). Failure to do so will lead to: a) a warning on first instance; b) a $50 fine on second instance; c) a $100 fine on third and following warnings.
  • All Teams are responsible for the viewers they bring to watch the games. Any unsporting behavior and/or any issues occurred between viewers or between teams and viewers will allow the referee to send out the viewers from the venue. Failure to leave the venue will result in both teams abandoning the match.
  • No-shows will be fined $100 along with a 3-0 defeat for the team that didn’t show up.


  • Before every game, players will be asked to show their ID to check if they are registered as Individual and if they are part of one Team.
  • Captains will fill the match sheet before each match to provide info on who is attending the match and who has not shown up.
  • All matches last 50 minutes in total ( 25-minute each halve).
  • There are unlimited substitutions.
  • No slide tackling (including sliding to score a goal or save the ball from going into the net) is allowed. Every slide tackle will lead to an immediate loss of possession.
  • If the ball hits the roof the opposing team will receive the ball possession.
  • All jewelry MUST be removed prior to kick-off.
  • A yellow card will lead to a 2-minute penalty where the player will sit out for a complete two minutes.
  • Each player must wear shin guards.


  • All players must complete the individual player registration form on the website in order to be allowed to play the tournament.
  • All late players to matches must identify themselves to Staff or Referee in order to enter the field.
  • The use of an illegal player will lead to an immediate 3-0 defeat for the team who brought the illegal player.


  • Only players on the game sheet (besides coaches and managers) can sit on the team bench and wear the Team uniform.
  • All jerseys must have a number on the back to identify each player.
  • Jerseys and shorts will be provided by SK Performance Club Events. Players shall bring their own socks.
  • Jersey colors will be chosen by the Teams in order of registration. First come first served.
  • SK Jerseys must be worn while playing every Sunday.
  • Proper jerseys, shorts, socks, and shin pads are a must in order to play. Any player who does not bring shin pads cannot play.


  • Match details will be provided by Tournament organizer.
  • Results, table chart and scorers will be shown on SK Official social media channel within the end of playing day.


  • All games must be played with a size 5 ball.
  • All players must have indoor shoes or turf shoes in
    order to play.


  • 1 Yellow card = $0
  • 4 yellow cards = $20 + 1 game suspension
  • 6 yellow cards = $40 + 1 game suspension
  • 8 yellow cards = $60 + 1 game suspension
  • Red cards are automatic $100 fines + 1 match suspension.
  • All fines must be paid prior to playing the next match.
  • Illegal player will lead to an immediate defeat.
  • All appeals will be sent to Tournament organizer.
  • Any complaint can be submitted to the following email address: canada@skperformanceclub.com.


  • Total points
  • Head-to-head
  • Goal differential
  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Goals for
  • Goals Against
  • Clean sheet
  • Top scorers
  • Top Assisters
  • Top clean sheet


  • ll playoff matches have the same rule as the regular season. If two teams draw in the match it will lead to a penalty shoot-out.
  • In penalty shoot-out each player is able to shoot the ball once until everyone has taken their shot.

Image Consent

  • I grant permission and give my consent to record and use any type of images (such as but not limited to pictures, videos, etc.) for communication and marketing purposes related to SK.