SKPC Methodology and Philosophy

A new approach to football academies where football and martial arts are integrated in one methodology, involving boys and girls in an educational process from a physical and psychological point of view.

A science based system that will use the most comprehensive and sophisticated knowledge to create fun exercises and activities for personal development where the beloved sport of football is the core of the Performance Club. During the weekly programs, MMA will be part of specific football training sessions and it will also be proposed as a standalone activity.

A personalised approach will be applied to challenge each individual to be the best version of themselves by coaches which have gone through a specific training program to implement the methodology and philosophy of the Performance Club.

The excercises have been developed to enhance the learning capacity and creativity in a profound way that will increase the social and emotional intelligence of the participants.

A global network of Performance Clubs that will create intercultural opportunities where the values of equality, inclusion, friendship and respect among other values will be promoted and respected.